Don’t leave your Christmas Holiday Bookings till the last minute.

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again – Don’t leave your Port Stephens Christmas/Summer Holidays accommodation till the last minute as you run the risk of not getting anywhere to stay.

Port Stephens is a hive of activity during the summer school holidays, this is not a place that you can rock into and hope to get somewhere decent to stay, unless you happen upon a cancellation you may find yourself disappointed and miles away from anywhere.

You can check our website to see what availability we have left at each park and either book directly, safely and securely on line or you can give the parks a call if you need to discuss things.

Check rates here and book directly online to save yourself some time.

Any last minute vacancies will be posted on our facebook pages so like our pages and keep an eye out as these tend to go very very quickly.

Hope to see you soon in beautiful Port Stephens.


Port Stephens Whale Watching

Get back to nature…

and enjoy some easy walks along the beautiful headlands of Port Stephens to some of the best land based vantage points for spotting the Humpback Whales that travel up and down the coast every year.

Download a FREE Port Stephens Whale Watching Guide.

General Info

Humpback Whales travel thousands of kilometres from early May to Late November, between their winter breeding ground to their summer feeding ground along the East Coast of Australia.

We are lucky enough to witness one of the longest whale migrations in the world off the coast of NSW. Humpback Whales are the most popular species with about 20,000 animals passing Port Stephens each year.

From about May, Humpback Whales begin passing by on their Northern Migration coming from antarctic waters in the south. By early August these whales have moved onto their breeding grounds up north around the equator. On this northern Migration you can see a lot of breaching whales and active males showing their dominance to impress females for mating.

By September the first whales are on their way south again. you can often see whales going both ways at this time of year. By mid to late August right up to the beginning of December the whales are now all swimming south and you can start to see mothers with their newborn calves.

Flat calm days are obviously better for spotting a whale but once you know what you’re looking for you will be able to spot them even on a rough day.

Look out for the telltale “water spout”.

Look and book your accommodation online and come and see for yourself.

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