Accommodation in Port Stephens for Christmas

Well for those of you that haven’t yet experienced Port Stephens in the Summer Holidays can I just say that you’re in for a treat, it’s magical with it’s crystal clear blue water and white sandy beaches.

But be warned that it’s bustling during this peak time, so chill out and be patient and you will enjoy it even more.

Now if you are planning on leaving your Port Stephens accommodation till last minute here’s a word of advice….DON’T… this is not a place that you can rock into and hope to get somewhere decent to stay, unless you happen upon a cancellation you may find yourself disappointed and miles away from anywhere.

Most accommodation places also have weekly bookings in place with set days, another reason to book ahead, you don’t want to be wasting your precious leave hangin’ at home waiting for your checkin date.

With their large range of accommodation choices the Port Stephens Beachside Holiday Parks can offer you some viable options for your Summer Hols. Most of the Christmas week accommodation has been booked for almost 12 months so don’ t hold your breath for that but there are still a few vacancies for later on in the holidays for all types of accommodation from camp/van site through to the glorious 3 bedroom Beach Villas at Halifax Holiday Park.

If you are interested in a visit please give the parks a call or drop them an email and they will be happy to fill you in on all the details.

Contact details are available here.

Alternatively you can book directly & securely online. See for more details.