Surfing in Port Stephens

Port Stephens New South Wales is one of the most outstanding and spectacular beachside locations in New South Wales.  With a choice of  surf beaches facing a variety of directions there’s a surf beach for all occasions, southerly, northerly, on shore, off shore….there are plenty of options available for you.

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Here’s our top pick for Surf Beaches in Port Stephens, but feel free to explore the area for more…..


Birubi Beach, part of the 32km stretch of Stockton Bight, is completely exposed to wind and waves, but the extreme northern corner is nicely tucked away from the teeth of the summer sea breeze and it holds nice shape to about three metres. On days with light winds there may be ride-able beach breaks working the entire length of Birubi, although as there are no reefs to speak of it takes favourable sandbanks to shape them.


A near-perfect C-curve of sand that faces southeast, Fingal Bay Beach has its own island connected by a sand-spit and is well protected from all but a hefty southeast wind. The aptly-named “Kiddies Corner” at the south end is completely sheltered and it draws mums and dads with nippers in tow. The spit at the north end which links Fingal Island to the mainland gets decent waves when the sand builds up.


A great beach for the whole family, pumps in the middle and off the headland but great for the kids with their boogie boards within the  patrolled area.  If One Mile isn’t happening go around to Birubi Beach and vica versa.


One of the best kept secrets.. pumps virtually every day, its a swell magnet. super secluded no shops close or handy so prepare. big sand dunes on the beach.THE WAVE PUMPS.

4WD access only and please note this is also a designated clothing optional beach so be prepared!