Location, Location, Location

What does it really mean?

It’s the real estate agents’ mantra: location, location, location. You’ve certainly heard the phrase enough and may wonder what possesses agents to say it three times. Or you might think it pertains to three different types of locations – perhaps an excellent location, a mediocre location and a lousy location.

I’ll put your mind at ease. It means identical properties can increase or decrease in value due to location. It’s repeated three times for emphasis, and so you will remember the phrase. It’s the number one rule in real estate, and it’s often the most overlooked rule.

So how do we rate in the location, location, location stakes?

Lets start with Fingal Bay Holiday Park.  Located in Fingal Bay (location #1). Situated directly across the road from one of Port Stephens premier beaches – Fingal Bay Beach.  Patrolled, surfable, safe kiddies corner for swimming and famous for the place where Lara Bingles uttered her iconic words “Where the Bl*#dy H#ll are you?” (location #2). Surrounded by National Park yet close to shops and clubs. (location #3)  Looking good to me, what do you think?

Fingal Beach

Shoal Bay Holiday Park – Directly across the road from spectacular Shoal Bay Beach, what more can I say, (location #1 & #2 – yes it’s that good).

Within walking distance to some of Port Stephens premier cafes, restaurants, pubs and boutiques in the Shoal Bay Village. (location #3)

beach surfboards_156
Shoal Bay Beach


Halifax Holiday Park – So if you are surround by direct access to not one but two fantastic beaches does that count as one or two, well lets say location #1 for backing onto Shoal Bay Beach and Little Beach. Can we add a star for also being on Halifax Point which is one of the premier dive locations, some say in Australia.  Location #2 having a boat ramp and boat/trailer parking adjacent to the park, and location #3 the park is  within walking distance of Nelson Bay CBD, d’albora Marina and all the beaches along the way.

Little Beach, Halifax Point


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